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American Management Association Certification Programs

Welcome to flexstudy.com, a self-study site bringing you quality online courses written and designed by the American Management Association. You get the latest management information, "how-to" explanations, practical examples, and real solutions to your daily challenges.

The courses bring up-to-date, real world solutions for today's business challenges. Individuals, corporations and institutions can all benefit from these time proven materials. Each online course is filled with practical exercises relating the underlying theory to your every day work environment. Our approach to the training material enables employees to immediately apply their course work to the job.

  • Practical - Not just theory, but a practical informational approach to solving your every day challenges. Exercises that allow you to apply theory to your specific work environment.
  • Flexible - Choose from convenient online self study formats that let you study on your own time and at your own pace. For the more traditional employees the training material may be printed to create a binder and used for future reference.
  • Measurable - Measure your knowledge with a variety of testing components, such as pre-test, post-test, chapter exercises, chapter review questions and case studies.
  • Cost-effective - Reduce costs by eliminating travel and time out of the office.
  • Recognized - American Management Association Continuing Education Units give you immediate recognition for your career development efforts and allow you to build a permanent record of your accomplishments.

This Month's Training Tip: Fundamentals Of Human Resources Management

Following World War II, testing was used extensively as a means for selecting new hires. The popularity of testing as a selection tool continued for several decades, only to decline toward the end of the 1990s. However, due in part to a globally competitive economy, heightened security concerns, and a shortage of skilled labor, preemployment tests are once again becoming a favored means for selection. For HR practitioners, this may mean reexamining existing or previously used tests to support an increasing array of on-line test options, while remaining sensitive to certain applicant populations, e.g., older workers, who may be more comfortable with traditional paper-and-pencil tests. It may also mean revisiting areas to be tested: Quantifiable skills, such as computer knowledge, and personal qualities, like honesty, are among the most common testing categories, but also popular are interest tests and tests that purport to measure learning and thinking ability. HR test givers must also be vigilant about possible adverse impact, job-relatedness, and overreliance on test scores as the basis for selection.

Can tests accurately predict how individuals are likely to perform in any given job? Even the strongest supporters of tests agree that not all tests are equal and care must be exercised in their selection, implementation, and interpretation. More...

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